Road / Asphalt Sealing & Rejuvenation Services

As a reputable company delivering specialized paving solutions to clients throughout Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, the scope of our expertise includes municipal roads, streets and highways, airport runways and approaches, paved parking lots, bicycle paths, golf course pathways, tennis courts, concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks and extruded asphalt curbs. Our civil infrastructure services also cover site preparation for road works including excavation, sub-grade preparation, bulk fill, sub base and base gravels, and utility installation.

Ker-Wal is recognized as a leader in providing safe and reliable road maintenance, products and construction services for civil infrastructure works and commercial building projects across Canada. We celebrate a diversified portfolio of infrastructure businesses that provide the expertise to solve any infrastructure need. From consultation, construction, to maintenance we have you covered. Let us be your one-stop solution!

Gravel supply Winnipeg
Gravel supply Winnipeg

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